Today, many successful managers around the world use coaching services to enhance their personal development and achieve their business goals by relying on their individual abilities.

Business Consultation

People at different stages of life need consultants and experts to make better decisions, and in business, in proportion to the maturity of the organization, the consulting organization can help the organization achieve its goals

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?what is coaching

Coaching is about change, coaching is an accelerator to change. In order for change to be lasting and for new habits to be radically replaced. The coach is like a clear mirror, as if it is in front of you and reflects inside you without any judgment. Koch believes in you and tries to save you from the darkness; Coaching Academy The coaching process helps you see the part of you that you have not seen.

About Me

I am Saeed Hosseini, born in 1992. I have a bachelor's degree in management, construction and an MBA. I have several years of experience in the field of business and in 1997, with God's help and the help of my teammates, I was able to establish an "industrial group". I have been acquainted with coaching since 1998 and now I am a member of ICF England (International Coaching Federation) and FCA (Persian Coaching Academy). I consider the mission of my life to be learning and teaching. I would love to be able to help people make the most of their abilities and feel good by coaching.